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Brief Description of Washing and Maintenance Methods for Teming Dongguan Forming Machine

A brief introduction to the washing and maintenance methods of the special Ming Dongguan molding machine shows that all exposed metal surfaces in a corrosive environment undergo electrochemical or chemical reactions, and are uniformly corroded. In the passivation film on the surface of stainless steel, areas with weak corrosion resistance form pitting reactions due to self-excited reactions, forming small pores, and with chloride ions approaching, forming a strong corrosive solution, accelerating the rate of corrosion reactions. There is also intergranular corrosion cracking inside stainless steel, all of which have a destructive effect on the passivation film on the surface of stainless steel. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance must be carried out on the surface of stainless steel to maintain its luxurious appearance and extend its service life. When cleaning the surface of stainless steel, attention must be paid to avoiding surface scratches, avoiding the use of bleach and abrasive detergent, steel wire balls, grinding tools, etc. To remove the detergent, rinse the surface with clean water after washing.

Stainless steel surfaces with dust and easily removable dirt can be washed with soap, weak detergent, or warm water.
The trademark and film on the surface of stainless steel should be washed with warm water and weak detergent. The adhesive component should be wiped with alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene).

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