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Detailed explanation of installation and debugging organization

Detailed explanation of installation and debugging. Our factory’s straight wire machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient, safe, and reliable operation. It is suitable for chicken cages, rabbit cages, building mesh, steel mesh, various welding wires, Shule board wire insertion and cutting, and the straightening and cutting of wires for irregular mesh.
The structure of this machine is to adjust the angle of the straight wire mold by rotating the high-speed rotor to achieve the effect of straightening, and then feed the wire forward through the feed wheel. After reaching the required size, the thread touches the positioning key and pushes the runway forward by 5mm. The upper punch presses the vertical wire cutter and immediately cuts it. The thread presses the open bearing through the pressure plate on the vertical wire cutter, and the thread automatically falls onto the wire support. If you want to change the length, move the positioning key.
Installation and debugging
1、 This machine should be installed on a relatively flat foundation, and some soft pads should be placed on the foundation to prevent high-speed and ground vibration of the machine;
2、 The host is connected to the slide in the same straight line, until it is the smoothest;
3、 Turn the punch head down by hand to see if it engages with the cutting assembly. If it does not engage, adjust the height of the slide bracket pulley;
4、 Durable slide limit lock;
5、 Connecting the slide spring;
6、 The upper motor is consistent with the cutting wheel tip;
7、 Adjust, slowly bend, increase the angle of the middle three blocks, and if there is a bean shaped curve, reduce the angle;
8、 Set the size of the slider inside the slide to the size you need (measured from below the cutting section), and tighten the slider with screws.

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