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Favorable factors for the development of China’s stainless steel industry

At present, China’s stainless steel industry is in a critical period of development. From the current industry environment of China’s stainless steel industry development, the main favorable and reasonable factors for its development include the following:
1、 Industrial policies are conducive to the development of the stainless steel industry
2、 The potential and development space of China’s stainless steel market are enormous. In recent years, with the rapid development of the stainless steel market, the consumption of stainless steel in the vast rural areas of China has always maintained a very low level, and the potential of China’s rural market is enormous;
At present, the equipment level of China’s leading enterprises in the stainless steel industry has reached the international advanced level of Dongguan Forming Machine, but there is still a gap between them and advanced foreign enterprises in some high-end product fields.
Dongguan Teming Machinery Co., Ltd. is a factory integrating production, design and sales. Professional manufacturing of thread label processing equipment and precision cold drawing equipment. There is one product that has been developed and sold. Thread processing equipment: a thread rolling machine (thread rolling machine) b thread rolling machine (pneumatic thread rolling machine, hydraulic thread rolling machine) c thin tube rolling machine (lamp head rolling machine) d full tooth machine e six axis tapping machine. 2 precision cold drawing and cold drawing equipment. Drawing machine (pipe drawing machine, cold drawing machine, core drawing machine, pipe drawing machine). Straightening machine (straightening machine) Dongguan data cold cutting flying saw. Shrinking machine (necking machine), drawing machine For many years, our goal has been to manufacture professional first-class equipment, provide first-class products and services, innovate first-class, and comprehensively achieve product specialization, technical specialization, newspaper professionalization, and team professionalization. Through the unremitting efforts of Fang Rongren, our products have been exported to both domestic and foreign markets, and our quality and services have been fully recognized and recognized by users at home and abroad (Note: All equipment in our factory (except for special export requirements), with a voltage of 380V and a frequency of 50-60H)

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