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What is the maintenance of the straightening mechanism tube machine

What are the maintenance methods for straightening machine and pipe making machine? The role of pipe making machine in work is increasingly valued, so how can we effectively improve its work efficiency? I believe that understanding the maintenance of pipe making machines can improve efficiency. Below, Teming Machinery will share with you the maintenance experience of the pipe making machine.
1、 Regularly check the oil level gauge on the fuel tank and ensure that the oil level does not fall below the specified value.
2、 When the fine oil filter is blocked by dirt, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner; When the crude oil filter is blocked, it should be cleaned in a timely manner, once every 3 months.
3、 To add oil to the fuel tank, it must be filtered and the oil must not be mixed with impurities such as water, rust, metal shavings, and fibers.
4、 When starting the oil pump in winter or cold areas, the Dongguan slitting machine should be started and stopped, repeated several times to increase the oil temperature, and the hydraulic pump station should be operated flexibly before starting work.
5、 All knobs on the hydraulic pump station must not be moved by non operators.
6、 Regularly observe if there are abnormal fluctuations in the power supply voltage, and inspect Dongguan molding machine every 3 months.

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